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Automotive Lighting

One of the under-considered safety features for most vehicles is an upgrade to the vehicle’s lighting system. Headlights become hazy, and in some cases, factory lighting simply isn’t sufficient for illuminating the various weather conditions seen in areas like Westchester County. 


An aftermarket automotive lighting solution is one of the most popular and affordable options available at Depot Auto Sound and Security, for reasons explained below. 


An Effective Way to Add Safety and Style Simultaneously 

Appropriate automotive lighting is a critical safety feature, which the team at Depot Auto Sound fully understands. While aftermarket automotive lighting upgrades can really make a vehicle pop aesthetically, the more practical reasons to upgrade lighting are to improve a vehicle’s visibility and improve safety while driving at night. 

Many automotive lighting options offer the best of both worlds, adding a strong amount of visual appeal while also allowing Westchester County drivers to easily spot road hazards such as deer or obstructions. Regardless of which reason matters more to the vehicle owner, the team at Depot Auto Sound and Security has a solution that fits within any driver’s budget and tastes. 

The Popularity of Aftermarket Automotive Lighting Solutions

Automotive lighting upgrades are perhaps the most popular choice across the United States. For drivers who wish to add a personal touch to their vehicles, automotive lighting upgrades are an affordable entry to car customization. In addition to adding appeal to any vehicle, much like a beaming smile, automotive lighting upgrades are exceptional safety improvements. These aspects coalesce to make lighting upgrades an obvious choice for many drivers. 

Considerations for Westchester County Drivers 

Westchester County is home to a number of unlit parkways, including local parkways such as Bronx River, Sprain, Taconic, and Saw Mill. Because these parkways are not well-lit, it’s sometimes incumbent upon area drivers to consider upgrading their automotive lighting, in order to promote better roadway safety. 

Upgraded bulbs can run at temperatures ranging from 4000-6000 degrees Kelvin, in many cases offering double the brightness and visibility of a factory bulb. The light emanating from upgraded bulbs is brighter, whiter, and clearer, allowing area drivers to easily spot potential obstructions or hazards over greater distances. 

Moreover, drivers experiencing reductions in vision can greatly benefit from upgraded bulbs, as a little bit extra lighting at night can greatly improve roadway safety.  

In addition to automotive lighting solutions for every vehicle, Depot Auto Sound and Security offers a bevy of car audio, backup cameras, radar detectors, speakers and subs, remote starters, and auto window tinting options for drivers in White Plains, Armonk, Bedford, Scarsdale, Irvington, Chappaqua, and all of Westchester County! 


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