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Sound Deadening


Road noise can really ruin an otherwise perfect driving experience, and in many cases, drivers purchase performance machines in which the engine and exhaust can overwhelm a car or truck’s interior cabin. In other cases, drivers taking a regular commute find that the trip to and from work becomes overly stressful due to the constant honking and road noise coming from fellow commuters. 


Depot Auto Sound and Security offers a number of different sound deadening options for detail-oriented drivers, allowing vehicle owners to customize the amount of road noise entering their vehicle cabin. Drivers in Westchester and White Plains, NY can completely customize the layout and thickness being applied, allowing for an unmatched driving experience. 


Best of all, Depot Auto Sound offers a handful of sound deadening configuration within different pricing tiers, giving drivers the freedom to pick a unique customization plan that makes financial sense for their particular vehicle. 


The Importance of Directing Sound 

Road noise can stifle an otherwise brilliant audio system, and certain vehicles – particularly those lower to the ground, or those that come from the factory without deadening material woven into the body structure – can produce an overpowering amount of noise in the cabin’s interior. The term for road noise entering a cabin is called frequency cancellation, and it can mar even a top-level car audio system. 


Thankfully, the experts at Depot Auto Sound can easily redirect road noise and frequency cancellation with the professional sound deadening installation. This helps drivers with upgraded car audio systems get the most out of their investment. Drivers who want a quieter cabin can also have this material installed, and can enjoy more peaceful commutes and trips. 


Customers are encouraged to come into Depot Auto Sound and check out the effects of having Hushmat installed into a vehicle. The difference in audio quality is night and day. After experiencing the remarkable quality that Hushmat can add to an audio system, detail-focused drivers will always want to have it added to their vehicle. 


Different Degrees of Sound Deadening

Much like drivers seeking different degrees of car window tinting in Westchester and White Plains, NY, each driver will want a different amount of road noise and sound to penetrate their vehicle’s interior.  Some drivers may simply want to turn down the volume on ordinary road noise, while other drivers may prefer a library-like interior cabin. 


There are a lot of configurations available, and the pros at Depot Auto Sound can help all drivers and vehicle owners find the perfect setup for the best driving experience. 


Factors Affecting Sound Deadening

A number of different factors can contribute to road noise entering a vehicle:


  • Vehicle Size: Depending on how large the vehicle is, sound will resonate differently. Larger vehicles will typically require additional deadening materials for quieter interior cabins. 

  • Volume of Noise: Drivers who want absolute control over the amount of sound entering a vehicle will need to have thick sound deadening materials installed. Likewise, drivers who spend more of their time on highways or in start-and-stop traffic may need to optimize the gauge of their sound deadening material, in order to mute most road noise without breaking the bank.

  • Location: Sound deadening materials can be installed on different parts of the vehicle. The team at Depot Auto Sound has unmatched expertise in this matter and can help vehicle owners perfectly customize their sound deadening plan for maximum efficiency.   


Drivers looking to control sound properly in their vehicle should contact the top professionals in Westchester Country. Depot Auto Sound and Security has been in business for 37 years and is your source for sound deadening installation for Westchester, Elmsford, and White Plains, NY.


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