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GPS Tracking

A security feature that many drivers and vehicle owners in Westchester County may not have previously considered is a GPS Tracker.  GPS tracking is a telemetric solution created to allow vehicles to be monitored while they’re on the road, offering added long-term security and asset protection for vehicle owners. 


What is a GPS Tracker? 

Theft continues to climb across the United States, and in many cases, a vehicle is one of a person’s most valuable possessions. Moreover, even against better judgment, people tend to keep high-value possessions such as wallets, purses, smartphones, and the like in their vehicle. This makes many vehicles ripe targets for potential burglars. 


While Depot Auto Sound and Security offers a number of top-notch security upgrades, including alarm systems and window tinting for Westchester, NY residents, in some cases a driver may need to bolster their vehicle’s security with a telemetric solution. GPS trackers allow owners to effortlessly locate their vehicle and possessions and accordingly have become a very popular aftermarket upgrade. 

Additional Benefits of GPS Tracking

Below are a few additional benefits of adding a GPS tracker to a given vehicle: 

  • Professional Needs: If you own a company in Westchester County that delivers products or services to customers, you’ve probably wished you had a way of knowing where the company’s equipment and vehicles are at any given time. GPS tracking technology lets owners easily monitor a vehicle’s course and location. 

  • Handy During Lending: If you’re loaning your car to a friend or family member, you may want to know exactly where and how the vehicle is being used. In this case, GPS tracking can provide owners with valuable peace of mind.

  • Monitoring Repairs: When you take your vehicle to an automotive shop for repairs or servicing, you can keep an eye on it remotely with GPS tracking technology. 



In short, telemetric solutions and tracking devices allow owners to monitor their vehicle when it is out of sight. Most modern GPS trackers can be linked with smartphones, allowing owners to conveniently monitor mileage, record vehicle activity, and even unlock or start a vehicle within certain ranges. The benefits of installing a GPS tracker are myriad and substantial. 

Why Add a GPS Tracker to Your Vehicle? 

For parents of first-time drivers, the addition of a GPS tracker to a new driver’s vehicle can provide peace of mind that can’t be quantified. While young drivers may not like parents keeping tabs on their whereabouts, parents will also be able to immediately locate a vehicle in the event of a theft, breakdown, or emergency. This adds immeasurable value for a lot of vehicle owners with teenage drivers.  

Parents who are letting their children use their car or truck may also want to ensure that the young drivers are using the vehicle as they’re supposed to. Our GPS tracking installations for Westchester and White Plains, NY make it possible to locate a loved one at any given time, as well as determine where and when a vehicle was used. 

Depot Auto Sound and Security provides top-level GPS tracking installation for drivers in Elmsford, White Plains, and greater Westchester, NY.


No matter which telemetric and tracking solution vehicle owners need to protect their property, Depot Auto Sound offers an affordable, effective solution. We also offer a variety of other products and services including backup cameras, remote starters, radar detectors, car window tinting, speakers and subs, and lighting options. Contact us today to learn more!

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