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Remote Starters

One of the more popular service options available at Depot Auto Sound for Westchester, NY and surrounding areas is upgrading to a remote starter. New York winters often range from snowy to absolutely inclement, and many satisfied customers have found that a remote starter is an easy, inexpensive addition to their vehicle. 



Benefits of a Remote Starter

As anyone who lives in a Northern U.S. city such as Westchester or White Plains will tell you, one of the most aggravating aspects of winter is chiseling through icy windows and shivering on the way to work or school while your vehicle warms up. By the time a driver reaches their destination, their car or truck is perfectly warm. The process often repeats itself when the driver heads home for the day, and the whole ordeal makes winter a major slog. In the summer, New Yorkers often encounter the opposite problem, temperatures and humidity are high which makes getting into a car unpleasant, to say the least. 

Remote starters add a ton of comfort and convenience for drivers living in intemperate climates. They can cool off, warm up, or defrost any vehicle in mere minutes while the driver finishes getting ready. Drivers can come out to a comfortable, cozy vehicle with their favorite music already playing, making the daily grind as pleasant as possible. 

What Are Two-Way Remote Starters?

A popular remote starter option at Depot Auto Sound and Security is one of our two-way starters. These have a distinct advantage over regular remote starters, as two-way starters indicate when the vehicle has been started or unlocked. This can be a boon for drivers who don’t keep their vehicle in a direct line of sight. Many of our remote starters can also be used with the DroneMobile App on your phone to start your car from anywhere! 

As the name suggests, two-way remote starters send signals to the vehicle, and send confirmation signals back to the remote control once the desired action has been carried out.  Drivers will know within 5-10 seconds if the start signal has been received, and the two-way system can be applied in any number of different ways to start vehicles from a distance. 

The Best Remote Starter Installation in Westchester Country

When it comes to remote starters, installation is the most important factor. For the best remote starter installation in Westchester, NY and surrounding areas, the choice is Depot Auto Sound and Security.


For all aftermarket electronic upgrades, backup camera installation, radar detectors, automotive lighting, car audio, custom window tinting for Westchester County, trust the company that has been in business for 37 years and knows all of the intricacies of each option for top-level, professional installation.

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