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Backup Cameras

Repeated studies have shown that backup cameras greatly improve vehicle safety and reduce collisions of all types. If you or a loved one drives an older vehicle without a backup camera – particularly a larger vehicle such as a van or full-size pickup – there are a number of reasons to consider adding this affordable, effective upgrade. 


What is a Backup Camera?

A backup camera is a modern safety feature that has become standard on many late-model vehicles. Automakers are aware that no matter how well they design their vehicles or how careful a driver is that unseen objects can fall into blind spots to the vehicle’s rear. Backup cameras, in combination with collision detection options, are proven to reduce rear collisions and fender-benders. 


Unlike many other vehicle options, the primary purpose of a backup camera is to improve safety. They offer multidirectional visibility from a standard driving position. In fact, it’s become much more common to see vehicles with backup cameras than without, as most major automotive manufacturers have incorporated backup cameras into many of their vehicles for last 5-10 years. 


Why Add a Backup Camera to Your Vehicle?​

While driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety is the primary function of a backup camera, this upgrade can also save drivers and vehicle owners substantially in actual costs. The slightest fender-bender or bump into another vehicle can cost a driver several thousand dollars in insurance costs or out-of-pocket auto body repair bills. 


Westchester County is a busy area and can become extremely congested. Drivers pulling into or out of parking spots in tight areas such as shopping centers will want to seriously consider the value of adding a backup camera and collision detection system to their vehicle. Being both affordable and easy to install, a backup camera adds a ton of value in peace of mind as well as convenience. 


Drivers and vehicle owners who have pets or small children should absolutely consider the value of adding a backup camera to their vehicle. A backup camera is an affordable precaution that most families will want to take, particularly if they are often backing into or out of driveways with restricted visibility. 


The Top Choice for Backup Camera Installation in Westchester and White Plains, NY

Vehicle safety is a top concern at Depot Auto Sound and Security. We offer top-notch backup camera, backup sensor, lighting, speakers and subs, radar, remote starters, and car window tinting installation for all types of vehicles in Westchester, NY and surrounding areas. In fact, Depot Auto Sound and Security has been providing excellent service to White Plains, Armonk, Bedford, Scarsdale, Irvington, Chappaqua, and all of Westchester County for 37 years! 

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