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Window Tinting

One of the most preferred upgrades available at Depot Auto Sound and Security is one of our window tinting solutions. Drivers seek window tinting in Elmsford, White Plains, and Westchester, NY for all sorts of reasons, usually seeking some combination of aesthetic appeal and security. We cater to all customer preferences, offering a variety of options to suit most any vehicle or driver. 

What is Window Tinting? 

Window Tinting refers to the process of applying a sheet of film to the interior of a car’s windows.  Window tints greatly vary in color and quality, with some vehicle owners preferring a moderate amount of sun-shading while others want almost-black window tinting for increased privacy. 

While many drivers want to add car window tinting in Westchester, NY for sheer aesthetic appeal, there are a number of practical reasons why vehicle owners may want to investigate window tinting. In many cases, a high-quality, professionally installed window tint can help protect a vehicle’s long-term or resale value. 

Practical Reasons to Add Window Tinting in Westchester County

The main reason why most drivers add window tinting is to reduce the level of radiation and heat that reaches a vehicle’s interior. While this is more of a concern in hot-weather climates, solar radiation can cause a significant degree of damage to a vehicle’s interior – particularly if the vehicle features a leather or faux-leather interior susceptible to fading or cracking. 

Many drivers want the added privacy and security that window tinting can provide. A good window tint can prevent others from easily seeing into a vehicle, and in some cases can dissuade potential burglars from breaking into a vehicle. Most drivers seeking added security opt to pair window tinting with an alarm system, a service which Depot Auto Sound and Security can also provide. 

Other Window Tinting Considerations for Westchester, NY Drivers 

Both the material and the thickness of each film can vary a great deal, and state regulations regarding the darkness of a window tint can differ significantly. Many states, including New York, have strict regulations on front windshield tint, and closely monitor tint applied to other windows on a vehicle. 

While some drivers might want to try applying tint themselves, it’s usually in a vehicle owner’s best interest to let a trusted professional install window tinting to ensure a perfect application. 

While we offer window tinting solutions at a number of different price-points, all of the tints available through Depot Auto Sound and Security are high in quality and very functional. Most of all, the team at Depot Auto Sound takes a tremendous deal of pride in our work, and will perform all window tinting with impeccable professionalism. 

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