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Car Audio

Depot Auto Sound and Security is the premier destination for car audio upgrades and service for Westchester and White Plains, NY, with upgrade options ranging from simple speaker installation up to a state-of-the-art audiophile-level system. We offer unmatched tuning for car audio systems, including custom installations and integrations for all types of vehicles. 


Some of the custom OEM integrations we offer include the latest cutting-edge options from manufacturers such as PAC™ and Audio Control™. Drivers can easily and affordably upgrade their car’s audio system to both charge their iPod or smartphone, as well as play selections from iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora through their vehicle’s existing speaker system. 


Bluetooth Options

Vehicles can also be equipped for sensible, smart hands-free phone usage or talk-to-text, improving both safety and convenience for drivers. Bluetooth audio assists drivers in a number of different ways, allowing drivers to place and receive phone calls without taking their hands off the wheel, or stream their favorite music or podcasts through the car’s audio system. 


Depot Auto Sound and Security offers a number of options for making older vehicles Bluetooth compatible, ranging from aux-in kits and attachments to complete audio system revamps. We offer a bevy of dynamic wireless multimedia products specifically designed to work with audiovisual applications such as Apple CarPlay and Android Audio. We have Bluetooth solutions for all drivers at an array of high-value price points. 


Additionally, Depot Auto Sound has a variety of navigation systems that can quickly and easily be installed into any vehicle, providing GPS and mapping for drivers. Some of the top-quality brands that we have available for installation include Pioneer™, Kenwood™, and Garmin™. Combined with our prompt, professional installation, these systems provide peace of mind and accuracy, regardless of a driver’s location or destination.


Best of all, Depot Auto Sound and Security has been in business for 37 years and offers a lifetime warranty on all of our car audio installations.


For the most professional car audio, amplifier, speaker, subwoofer, lighting, remote starters, radar detectors, and window tinting service in Elmsford, Westchester County, and White Plains, NY, there’s no place else to go but Depot Auto Sound and Security. 

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