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Ignition Interlock

In the interest of keeping our Westchester County roadways as safe as possible, the team at Depot Auto Sound and Security is happy to install ignition interlock devices. These units are designed to encourage sober driving, and if circumstances dictate, could be required as part of a driver rehabilitation program. 


Because of the stakes, it’s crucial that a driver use an experienced installer when adding an ignition interlock device to their vehicle. A poorly or improperly installed device could have serious financial and legal consequences, and it’s crucial that drivers go with the best when having an ignition interlock device added to their vehicle.  


Depot Auto Sound and Security has unparalleled experience performing ignition interlock installations for Westchester, Elmsford, and White Plains, NY. Our team can help monitoring agents and interlock participants ensure these devices are installed professionally and properly on any type of vehicle.


What is Ignition Interlock?

Ignition interlock devices promote sober driving by compelling drivers to undergo a breathalyzer test prior to starting the vehicle. The device measures a driver’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level and prevents the vehicle from starting if the device detects an inappropriate BAC. These devices work in tandem with several other DWI measures to keep Westchester Country roadways as safe and secure as possible.


In New York, the conditions of a Driving While Impaired (DWI) charge could require a driver to add an ignition interlock device to their vehicle for a predetermined amount of time. In most cases, a driver or vehicle owner is permitted to remove an ignition interlock device after a period of time, assuming the operator exhibits safe, sober driving practices. 


In many cases, vehicle operators are required by the New York court system or by the Department of Probation to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. This can eventually lead to a restoration of full driving privileges. But a big part of the process is to ensure that the device is installed flawlessly, and Depot Auto Sound and Security’s expertise is unmatched in these circumstances. 


Promoting Safer Roadways Through Technology

Not unlike devices such as collision or radar detectors, ignition interlock devices serve a designated purpose, which is ultimately to keep Westchester County roadways as safe as possible. While ignition interlock devices are not the most commonly-installed product available at Depot Auto Sound and Security, vehicle operators should be aware that our team is more than capable of correctly installing an ignition interlock device. 


The process of getting full driving privileges restored will come with questions for most drivers and overseers, and due to our experience, the skilled technicians at Depot Auto Sound are well-versed in the process. We can assist drivers and overseers with the information they will need to fully comply with probation terms, as we team with Draeger Safety Diagnostics to provide the best training and support possible. 


Together, we work to promote sober driving and safer roadways throughout White Plains and Westchester County,  and New York City, NY. 

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