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Radar Detectors

Depot Auto Sound and Security has been providing an array of safety, car audio, and window tinting options for White Plains, NY and surrounding areas for over 37years. We aim to offer the latest top choices in electronic and security upgrades coupled with exceptional customer care and impeccable service. While some drivers are looking for cosmetic or recreational upgrades, other drivers may be looking for something a bit different. 


No one wants to get a speeding ticket, and drivers who spend a lot of time on the highway may want to consider the value of adding a radar detector to their vehicle. By providing the most efficient, professional radar detector installation service for White Plains, NY and Westchester County, the team at Depot Auto Sound and Security helps drivers better monitor their own speed. This ultimately helps drivers avoid the cost and hassle of being pulled over. 


What is a Radar Detector?

Most moving vehicle violations occur on highways, where it’s easy for a driver to slip a few miles over the stated speed limit. A good radar detector will alert drivers when another device is being used to check their vehicle’s speed. This helps drivers self-regulate their driving speed, keeping roadways safer as well as cutting down on the needless expenses related to traffic tickets. 


Why Add a Radar Detector to Your Vehicle? 

Greater Westchester County, NY can be an extremely busy area. Both police officers and equipment installed into traffic cameras and community infrastructure monitor vehicle speed. In fact, the state of New York currently hands out the third-most moving vehicle citations in the entire country. But the vast majority of these citations aren’t handed out to drivers doing extremely-fast highway speeds.


The data shows that the majority of moving vehicle and speed limit violations handed out in New York is for drivers doing 15-20 miles over the speed limit, with the most common instances being 55-60 MPH in a 40 MPH zone and 45-50 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. More often than not, drivers are drifting in speed traps rather than driving irresponsibly fast. A radar detector, installed by the professional team at Depot Auto Sound and Security, is a very effective way to avoid these speed traps. 


We even offer radar detectors that come with a speeding ticket guarantee! If you get a speeding ticket while using their device, they’ll pay for your ticket! 


Radar Detectors Promote Safety

In most cases, radar detectors simply make drivers more aware of their pace, ultimately promoting better roadway safety. While some drivers will be apt to add a radar detector to offset their heavy foot, the majority of drivers add radar detectors as another layer of vehicle safety.


Combined with upgrades such as collision detectors, backup cameras, and window tinting, drivers in Westchester, NY are able to operate their vehicles more comfortable and safely than ever before. Depot Auto Sound and Security also offers car audio and custom lighting installation. 

Escort Radar Detectors
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