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K40 Radar System Installation in a Maserati

In this Maserati, we installed a K40 Radar System with defusers. The K40 Radar System helps to prevent speeding tickets, and even comes with a speeding ticket guarantee!

What is the K40 Radar System and Laser Defuser?

The K40 Radar System is a radar detector that alerts you when your speed is being tracked. The laser defuser actually alerts the driver of the vehicle that its speed is being tracked, and prevents the police from detecting the vehicles speed all at the same time.

How Does it Work?

When the police target your vehicle with a laser (LIDAR) gun, short bursts of infrared light traveling at 186,000 miles per second can get a speed lock on your vehicle in just 0.3 seconds. The laser beam they use is a lot like a flashlight. The closer it gets, the smaller and more dialed in the beam becomes. The typical targeting distance is 1000 feet, and at that distance, the police laser beam is about 30” in diameter. At 500 feet, the beam is only 15” in diameter.

The K40 Laser Defuser uses advanced countermeasure technology so that when it receives the police laser beam, it analyzes is and sends back a jamming signal in milliseconds to provide enough time to safely avoid a speeding ticket.

With the K40 Radar System and Defuser, this Maserati will be cruising along, without the fear of a speeding ticket now!

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